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February 27, 2014
Goose Golf Announces 2014 Product Updates
Goose Golf is pleased to announce the continued growth of their lineup of golf accessories including new colors and design of their innovative wet/dry towel and the addition of their newest product, the Gravity Brush.

August 28, 2013  
Goose Golf Launches New Product - Gravity Brush With a revolutionary and patent pending design, Goose Golf Solutions launches their latest product, the Gravity Brush.

Product Reviews
Although we believe our products are top notch, you don't have to take our word for it, here's what others have to say about Goose Golf products...

Back 9 Network:
In their article 'Gearing Up: Goose Golf Towels' Back 9 calls the Goose Towel and Putting Mate "a steal at only $22.99"
"Golfers now have the Goose Towel on their side as a new ally in the battle to keep their equipment clean and performing to the highest level on the course." Read more from

DDan (Amazon Review):
"As for the towel itself, it's awesome. Just wet the inside of the towel and bring it on the golf course, I've tried using the towel without wetting the inside and it doesn't nearly work as well. I hardly ever use my golf brush anymore as this towel does such a great job cleaning off my club faces. The little putter mate is great too, a bit awkwardly shaped to properly clean a ball but it works well enough, it's great for quickly wiping down the putter before you take a swing without having to walk back to your bag to use the full sized towel. MUCH more usable then the Frogger towel, the Frogger is just too big, it's the size of a trifold fully opened up, this one is like a tri-fold towel folded." Read more from Amazon customers:

Bad Lies Golf:

Flagstick Golf Magazine:
"This high-quality construction prodcut features anti-microbial weave cotton as well as a built-in goose velcro glove holder. The bonus putting mate is great for keeping golf balls clean for a straighter roll and also supports a magnetic ball market."  Read more from Flagstick

oobgolf website:
"My initial thought with all wet-dry towels is always - Does the middle layer actually keep the wet and dry layers separate? So naturally, the first thing I do is pour a generous amount of water on the inside of the towel and wait to see what happens. I played a few rounds with the Goose Golf Towel and it appeared the water proof layer worked as intended. Moisture from the interior didn't seep through to the exterior."  Read more from oobgolf

Golf Stinks:
In their article 'The Most Important Thing on Your Golf Bag' Golf Stinks reviews the importance of the golf towel, and how the Goose Towel might be the best option.


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